Reliability Engineer(可靠性工程师)
Reliability Engineer(可靠性工程师)
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  • Responsibilities:
    •Working with product developing team on possibility research and risk detecting in preliminary design scheme through DFMEA and history data.
    •Working on the preliminary product and finalized product qualification plans, implementation and reliability testing.
    •Tracking on the reliability testing process and solving the related testing process issues.
    •Performing the sample tear down, process recording data and all components wear analysis work, failure analysis is the focused work during this phase.
    •Release the reliability report on each product base on any observations and failure analysis results.
    •Make reliability recommendations on regularly team meeting and periodically product developing review meeting to top management team.
    •Take the knowledge accumulation work based working on reliability testing and product failure analysis, documented with formal report.
    •Take over the research work on product evaluation method, component failure mechanism and reliability life prediction.
    •Regularly report to US reliability team on local detailed product schedules.
    •Working with whole product team on DFMEA work and any nonscheduled product reliability related review.
    •Working on field return samples analytical work and the warranty data analysis.
    •Other works which assigned by the supervisor.

    Requirements :
    •Master degree in Mechanical engineering or related.
    •3+ years mechanical product related work experience.
    •Experience in mechanical testing and process quality; preferably in reliability testing and failure analysis.
    •Product reliability related work experience is preferred, e.g. product reliability life/failure rate prediction, MTTF/MTBF calculation.
    •Good problem solving and analytical skills.
    •Excellent command of English both written and verbal.
    •Good communication skills and team work spirit.
    •Senior position available based on qualification.
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