Mechanical Engineer 机械工程师
Mechanical Engineer 机械工程师
苏州工业园区 | 3年以上经验
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  • 工程/设备工程师
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  • 主要职能:
    Key Objectives/Deliverables:
    The following objectives/deliverables mainly support west site, if he/she is qualified, he/she can support other sites in Lilly Suzhou.
    • 负责仓库和实验室的HVAC和其他指定的各公用系统的维护保养,确保工厂的运行正常并符合GMP、HSE和公司等要求。
    Responsible for warehouse and lab’s HVAC and other utility systems as assigned to ensure smooth operation of the site and GMP / HSE / Corporate compliance.

    • 制定备件计划、保养预算并控制成本,提出设备改进和更新计划。
    Set spare parts planning and maintenance budget, control maintenance cost. Plan for equipment performance improvement and update.

    • 负责公用设施系统的优化项目。
    Responsible for optimizing the utility/facilities projects.

    • 严格正确的遵守生产流程,质量标准,测试方法及操作规程以防止偏差的产生。
    Responsible to ensure that all activities follow production process, quality standards, testing methods, operation procedures strictly and correctly in order to prevent deviations of production

    • 负责区域/部门内的HSE活动符合公司的HSE要求以保障员工的安全与健康
    Carry out the HSE activities to comply with company HSE requirement to ensure employee’s safety and health in area/dept.

    • 负责厂房设施的维护保养,包括清洁管理,对其进行必要的日常检查,从而使生产稳定运转并符合GMP、HSE要求。
    Responsible for site facility maintenance especially cleaning/housekeeping with required routine check to ensure site smooth operation and GMP/HSE compliance.

    • 负责工程部公用设施的图纸管理,确保工厂稳定运行并符合GMP、HSE要求。
    Responsible for site utility/facility drawings management ensure site smooth operation and GMP/HSE compliance.

    Basic Requirements:

    • 以自己积极的行动和承诺实践安全第一的方针,鼓励团队能够坦率和积极地提出和处理HSE问题,确保符合公司的HSE期望和绩效以实践承诺(包括消防安全)。
    Demonstrate Safety First through own proactive action/ commitment within team, and expect and coach team members to do likewise. Encourage an open and positive environment to raise and address HSE issues. Carry out the commitment through to ensure conformance with HSE expectation and performance (including fire safety).

    • 暖通及工程相关专业
    HVAC engineering and engineering related major.

    • 具有较强的协调、分析、判断、沟通和解决问题的技能。
    Strong coordination, analytical, judgment, communication and problem solving skill.

    • 具有生产设施或工程/设计和基建的操作和保养工作经验。
    Experience in operation and maintenance in manufacturing facilities or in engineering/design & construction business.

    • 能用中英文进行沟通和阅读文件
    Chinese and English capability for communication and documentation.

    • 具备较好的团队精神
    Strong teamwork spirit

    • 良好的人际交流能力
    Good communication skill

    • 以身作则表率“安全第一”,在日常的行动和决定中将“安全”列为一个前摄性的考量项
    Role model “safety first” by being compliant and proactive with HSE matters and considering safety in all actions and decisions

    • 对外来承包商的安全负责,现场检查他们的表现符合HSE的要求,激励和帮助他们持续提高团队的安全氛围
    Feel responsible of contractor’s safety, be on field to check compliance to HSE rules and behaviors of people; reward and coach people in the team to continuously improve team culture

    Job Description

    Additional Preferences:

    • 对GMP知识和工厂的SOP有具体的了解,并要求将这些知识运用在所委派的工作中。
    Specific knowledge on GMP and related local SOP, etc required for his/her assignment.

    • 了解国家环保、安全、安装改造相关法律法规和规范知识。
    Knowledge of EHS and installation related regulars.

    Education Requirements:
    • 本科或以上学历
    Bachelor or above

    Other Information:

    • 对色盲、头孢菌素或青霉素过敏者限止。
    Achromatopsia, cephalosporin or penicillin allergic is restricted.
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  • 制药/生物工程
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