Sr. Plant Engineer 高级工厂设计工程师
Sr. Plant Engineer 高级工厂设计工程师
苏州昆山 | 5年以上经验
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  • 产品规划工程师
  • 有经验要求
  • 全职
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  • Responsibilities:
    1.Processing of orders for the paper industry, in particular for plant engineering:
    (1)Assurance of the projected order result
    (2)Assurance of the customer satisfaction
    (3)Assurance of the quality standard (engineering)
    2.Processing of orders - beginning from handover from the Sales or Application Department and up to the successful commissioning:
    (1)Prepare of documents for complete plant engineering
    (2)foundation drawings
    (3)piping layouts
    (4)cable tray layouts
    (5)air duct routings
    (6)motor layouts
    (7)isometrics and pipe support drawings
    (8)lists (motor list, valve list, equipment list…).
    3.Realize the guidelines and results of basic engineering executed by COC
    4.Establish bill of materials (BOMs), material masters and quality specifications
    5.Coordination of details with the respective design office in VP-organization.
    6.Support VP-erection- and commissioning team
    7.Cooperation with sub suppliers and customers
    8.Examination and measurements in paper mills.
    9.Trouble shooting in case of technical problems
    10.Communicating Effectively
    11.Communicates fluently, also when acting in an international environment.
    12.Easily establishes good relationships with customers and staff.
    13.Relates well to people at all levels.
    14.Communicates precisely both orally and in written communications.
    15.Provides convincing arguments when negotiating.
    16.Makes effective use of communications means and media when presenting.
    17.Understands communication partners point of view and tailors statements and logic accordingly.
    18.Working with People
    19.Follows a collaborative approach, listens, supports and cares for others.
    20.Shows respect for the views and contributions of other team members.
    21.Builds interpersonal relationships which are based on respect and trust
    22.Adapts to the team and fits in well.
    23.Appreciates others contributions
    24.Effectively deals with conflict
    25.Consults others, shares and information and expertise with them and involves all relevant parties into decision making processes

    1.Good language skill for English
    2.Master of Pulp and paper –making industry
    3.More than 5 years, design institute experience is preferred
    4.Knowledge of working in 2D as well as 3D environment using software packages like AutoCAD, etc.
    5.SAP-Knowledge preferable
    6.Adequate process comprehension
    7.Basic knowledge C&I
    8.Proficiency in Microsoft Office
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  • 英语 熟练
  • 轻工纺织食品类>轻化工程
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