(36)Wave solder engineer
(36)Wave solder engineer
苏州工业园区 | 2年以上经验
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  • 产品工艺/制程工程师
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  • Job Description:
    • Focus on BSA automatic production machine programming, maintenance, process control and new process evaluation
    • Perform new production prototype building, design tools / fixtures, draft preliminary setting parameters and working instructions, and do training for technicians / operators
    • Continue to improve automatic machine efficiency and optimize parameters to improve quality, define first pass yield and efficiency target for mass production.
    • Closely working with design team and NPI team to review BOM and drawing before automatic manufacture implementation, optimize the design for manufacture/Assembly, design the flexible process for different application
    • Working with quality engineer or reliability engineer to study/improve solder ability and solder quality by machine parameter setting/process study
    • Engage in global automatic soldering engineering team to introduce the new process and new method, good communications with other plants
    • Make detail maintenance plan on SWS Ersa machine and tools/fixtures, spare part management, IDM consume evaluation and managment

    Detail Requirements:
    • Bachelor’s degree or above in mechanical / electrical or industrial automatic engineering or relevant professions
    • More than 2~3 years’ working experience in selective wave soldering or relevant wave soldering, prefer to Ersa selective soldering machine working experience
    • Familiar with tools/fixture design, master AutoCAD, Gerber file treatment software
    • Know 6 sigma concept and able to use effective tools to solve problems
    • Good skill for coach technician, and good training skill for production team
    • Good written and oral English
    • Team player, diligent and result oriented, and good communications

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