4.0 industry customer program/project manager
4.0 industry customer program/project manager
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  • Job description:
    • To manage the customer specific requirements (scope, schedule, budget, quality) for Industry 4.0 solutions and integration projects.
    • To be able to capture, translate, and lead emerging customer requirements and ideas, transforming them into solutions that are within the framework of company’s designed products and can be executed as customer specific projects/programs.
    • To work on the detailed SOW definition with customers and needs to understand and manage multi-disciplinary technical and commercial requirements.
    • To be proactively addressing the developing market potential for Industry 4.0 solutions and being responsive to customer’s requests with high sense of urgency to fulfill any open requirements, especially around customizations and new solution development.
    • To influence and work with Clients, Sales and Marketing, Product Management and R&D teams, as well as any supplementary external party required to develop and deliver the defined solution.
    • To coordinate and steer internal and external resources (including but not limited to third parties/vendors) for the flawless execution of projects, ensuring that all projects are delivered on-time, within scope, budget and required quality.
    • Take ownership of the development and implementation of a program and project management framework (including relevant processes, guidelines, templates, and tools) applicable to the needs of company’s business ecosystem.

    - Ability to manage clients, as well as internal and external stakeholders/contributors, running several projects in parallel
    - High accountability to face customers and to work with him on scope of work as well as overall solution and project inception/definition
    - Excellent written and verbal communication skills with clients, customers, internal and external supporters and stakeholders, up, but not limited to C-level executives
    - Capable and comfortable to communicate fluently in both Chinese as well as English language
    - Comfortable working on multiple projects simultaneously, with an inherent ability to work well under tight timelines, and have strong problem-solving capabilities
    - Develop requirements, budgets, and schedules for software development and customization projects
    - Facilitate requirements meetings, including peer review sessions, and status meetings with clients and project team
    - Able to assume day-to-day responsibility for ensuring that the projects are completed on time and within budget, and that all deliverables are of the highest quality
    - Establish milestones, anticipate issues, and monitor adherence to project scope, requirements and design documents, and schedules
    - Solid organizational skills including attention to detail and multi-tasking skills
    - Possess ability to understand technical concepts, including data relationships and software configuration
    - Good ability to continuously learn new technologies and processes
    - Good understanding and application of Project Management standards and principles
    - Structured, self-driven and motivated
    - Able to travel extensively to clients and offices in the Greater China area

    - Solid technical background, with understanding or hands-on experience in software development, web technologies, networking, and database concept/design/structures
    - Practical experience in Customer Services, Project Management and/or Sales Support
    - Fundamental understanding of PCB manufacturing processes and related solutions/equipment
    - Good overall technical understanding

    - Several years working experience in customer facing roles, mainly related to SW or DB development, customization, and adaptation
    - Proven Project Management experience
    - Extensive exposure to customer communication and negotiation, from Engineer to C-Level executives
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